Mickey News Reports New Section for Disney Studios Paris

11 Oct

Mickey News reports progress on the Paris version of Tower of Terror, plus a new section of the Disney Studios park there, including new attractions themed to Pixar films “Finding Nemo” and “Cars,” slated to open in 2007. From the article:

 The Turtle Twister attraction will be a rollercoaster attraction that features a dark interior part to the experience and a brief outside experience. The ride will be set ‘under the sea’ with Nemo and all his friends and the scenery will reflect that of the film Finding Nemo. The outside part of the attraction presumably will be when your turtle shell carriage ‘jumps out of the sea’ (like surfacing for air). The carriages will spin and be designed, as I said, like a turtle shell, hence the name Turtle Twister.

I can hear the soundtrack now. . . .”first you were like, whoa! Then you were like, whoa!! And then you were like, whoa.”

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