Jim Hill Gives Voice to Disneyland Operations Concerns

23 Oct

Jim Hill has an interesting article today about the operational implications of changes currently in the planning stages at Disneyland and California Adventure. It’s a must-read for logistics geeks like myself, and anybody who’s worked in customer service.  Imagineering gets a lot of well-deserved credit for creating excellent experiences for Guests, but Operations is often an unsung hero.

2 Responses to “Jim Hill Gives Voice to Disneyland Operations Concerns”

  1. Mary Tidwell January 6, 2008 at 1:49 pm #

    Dont get the Premium meal plan if you go to Disney. It cost us a few thousand dollars extra but when we tried to use it we were charged a 2 different restaraunts because they said they dint take it there. You are supposed to get an apppetizer, entree, desert, and beverge for everyone in your party for free so when you order all that food you can imagine how expensive it would be.Then to have to pay for it all over again was insane.We did not get our money back because we had left the receipt on the table. Then we could barly ever get in to any restaurants because they were all booked up. CHRISTMAS VACATION and we has a very hard time finding any place available to eat at because they were full.The peaple were pushy and very rude at most of the parks. We did not enjoy ourselves at all. Our first ever Disney vacation which cost my family 8400.00 was a bomb. My 9and 10 year old kids were very dissappointed . We coundnt get fast pass because they were all given away so we had to wait for 2 hours in the sun for most of the rides.We will never do it again.

  2. Jennifer January 6, 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    Sorry to hear you had such a lousy time! I think it’s hard for most Disney visitors to fathom just how much planning has to happen before getting onsite . . . especially at a time like Christmas vacation, when the parks are full to capacity. It’s easy to get confused about which restaurants accept Dining Plan . . . one would think that with the amount one’s paying for it, that it would be accepted everywhere, but it’s actually really complicated to plan out where to eat, when, make reservations WAY in advance, etc.

    If you ever do decide to try it again, I’d recommend a copy of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. A few hours with that book can really help.

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