A Lovely Day at Animal Kingdom (Part II)

22 Nov

Now let’s see, where were we . . . I’d left off last time with some pictures of Expedition Everest, a ride which I enjoyed much more than I had on my previous visit to AK, as this time the Yeti was in fact working. There’s just no substitute for the big hairy guy taking a swipe at you.

After riding EE, I headed over to the new Finding Nemo show. The Disney Blog has a good overview of the show, including some good pictures. I enjoyed the show, and was amused by the various uses of the bubble screens on either side of the stage. Hint for parents: If your kids are bored waiting for the show to start, have them watch carefully for Nemo, who’ll swim through now and then.

Found Nemo

You also might enjoy the seagulls, who show up at the end of the show:

Mine Mine Mine

I hit the Flame Tree Barbeque for lunch (the smoked chicken was reasonably good), and then headed through Dino-Rama to hit the Dinosaur ride. I’d never really been in Dinosaur World before, and must say, it’s an eyesore. The Re-Imagineering blog posted an excellent article recently about exactly what’s wrong with Dino-Rama, and how it intrudes on the otherwise-excellent theming of the park. If their argument doesn’t convince you, maybe these Christmas decorations will:

Dino-World Christmas decor

But then, back to the sublime . . . a walk through the Maharajah Jungle Trek, including a visit to the bat house:

Bat House

Then another ride on EE, and a viewing of Festival of the Lion King:

Acrobatics at Festival of the Lion King

Trio of Singers at Festival of the Lion King

And then off to the parking lot tram (please remain seated until the tram comes to a complete stop!), and then the rental car, the airport . . .  but on the way out, I did get a look at the Christmas tree on the main plaza:

Christmas Tree at Animal Kingdom

One Response to “A Lovely Day at Animal Kingdom (Part II)”

  1. Kyler December 16, 2007 at 12:14 pm #

    i think it wuld be awesome if u turned these pics into desktop wallpaper i want the christmas tre to be one!!!!!!!!

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