New Attractions for Hong Kong Disneyland

14 Dec

The Associated Press, by way of the Houston Chronicle, reports that Hong Kong Disneyland will be adding new rides.

Stepping up its expansion program, Hong Kong Disneyland said Thursday it plans to add three new attractions by the first half of 2008, including the classic Disney ride “It’s a Small World.”

Hong Kong Disneyland said in a statement it will also add Animation Academy, where Disney artists will teach cartoon drawing, and “Mickey’s WaterWorks” water-based parade.

The article later notes that the new attractions will open in summer of 2007 and the first half of 2008.

I must admit, I can only cringe as I think of It’s a Small World being exported yet again. Yes, it’s a classic, and yes, I’ve ridden it in every Disneyland there is, so perhaps I’m just bitter because I don’t know when I’ll get out to this new park. Harumph. I gotta book me some goddamn flights to Hong Kong.

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