Mickey vs. Spocko

6 Jan

Mickey News reports this morning about Disney shutting down a blogger named Spocko.

THE MOUSE IS ROARING AGAINST a blogger named “Spocko” who has been waging a one-man campaign against ABC Radio. So far, Disney has managed to get Spocko’s Internet service provider to take down his blog–but Spocko isn’t giving up the fight just yet.

The conflict stems from Spocko’s criticism of a right-wing talk show airing on KSFO-AM in San Francisco. Even by notorious talk-show-standards, the comments on KSFO stand out as particularly venomous. Consider, this summer, host Melanie Morgan called for New York Times editor Bill Keller to be executed for having okayed the paper’s expose on governments’ attempt to suss out financial records of suspected terrorists. “I really do believe that anybody who publishes classified information that results in a charge of treason should be fried! Fry ’em! Trial, conviction, death penalty!” she said this summer, according to Salon.

Mickey News goes on to note that Spocko’s taking his fight public . . . and he is.

The Daai Tou Laam blog had the initial story January 4, and now has links to the audio files that Disney doesn’t want you to hear.

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