Tigger Punches 14 Year Old Guest?

7 Jan

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A Disney employee playing the famed cartoon character is under investigation after a New Hampshire family accused him of punching their 14-year-old son during a home-video session at Disney-MGM Studios.

Later in that same article, I’m embarassed to tell you this made me laugh:

Friday’s incident is the second in nearly three years involving Tigger-costumed Disney workers.

So, what is it about Tiggers, anyway? Are they just mad they didn’t get in on that Euro Disney scene with Minnie?

John Frost’s post in the Disney Blog has some commentary, and links to a few different versions of the story.

[A late addition: CBS4Boston has a videocast including the alleged punch. Looks to me like Tigger was trying to hug the kid, and perhaps got tripped up by the low visibility in some of those fur costumes. And the best quote?

“The general manager apologized to me everyone came up to apologize but Tigger he won’t be a man about it get out of the costume and apologize to my son.”

Enough said. Good night.]

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