Disney Goes Goth

29 Jan

Brandweek Magazine has a piece today about the new “WhereSpeak” in Disney marketing. It’s not about the “happiest” or “most magical” places on earth anymore . . . it’s about “where dreams come true,” “where glass slippers come in every size,” where Dole Whip is plentiful, etc.

This is of course consistent with the move towards marketing “Disney Parks” rather than branding each park separately. I’ll be curious to see whether this trend lasts. On the one hand, only freakish fans like myself really refer to the group as Disney Parks. On the other hand, only freakish fans like myself can consistently remember whether Disneyland is the one in Orlando, or the one in Anaheim. So while the freakish fan lobby may protest, the casual parkgoer might not be affected by this change. Might not even really notice it.

And speaking of freakishnss (yay!), the more interesting tidbit to me is about some new merchandise expected this year:

Goth Donald Duck, “crazy” Mickey Mouse and other reimaginings of classic Walt Disney characters will hit high-end stores and couture shops this year. Hot House, a six-person team under Disney’s consumer product unit, has tapped underground artists to create fashionable toys and apparel for adult fans of the Mouse House.

My husband Collateral Damage, who writes for Brandweek, would remind me that if you want to catch this story at Brandweek online, you’ve gotta go there today . . . they keep their editorial content online for one day only. After that you gotta grab it in print.

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