Throwing Tomatoes at Peter Pan

7 Mar

Mr Broke Hoedown (aka Collateral Damage) just sent me this link to The Consumerist: Disney Advertises Peter Pan DVD On Tomato Stickers, For Some Inexpicable Reason. I’m not surprised that Disney’s advertising on fruit . . . I am a bit amused that they’ve chosen tomatoes, given that when I think “movie” and “tomato” in the same sentence, I’m gonna imagine throwing them at the screen, or think of

And I must sadly agree with the comment expressed on that The Consumerist that one should really throw tomatoes at the screen during the song “What Makes the Red Man Red.” As much as I love Tinker Bell (and I do so love her!), I simply can’t turn a blind eye to the offensive images of indigenous people in Peter Pan. My son brings this up sometimes when we ride the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction . . . and I’m grateful that he knows enough to challenge stereotypes.

So, if you’re going to be picking up this new DVD release, and especially if you’re going to show it to your kids, please think about this. Take a few minutes to learn more about indigenous communities, and share what you learn with your kids. Offensive stereotypes can lose their power when we learn more about our real world, and challenge what we see in the media.

And if you think your own perceptions of the world haven’t been affected by stereotypes and cultural conditioning, think again.  Harvard University’s Project Implicit has a number of self-tests which are founded on solid research, and may help you better understand the assumptions you carry.

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