Alan Cumming’s Disneyland Paris Trip Report

12 Mar

PlanetOut has a short but sweet Disneyland Paris trip report, written by Alan Cumming.

There’s no room for cynicism at chez Mickey et Minnie. Going with a group is a great way to do Disney, and I defy the most jaded queen not to have a blast. And, because we were in France, the fast food’s a bit better, you can get beer, the employees are hotter and when we went back to our rooms at the Sequoia Lodge there was French soft-core porn on TV! What’s not to like? We all slept thickly, dreaming of the next time we could all return.

One Response to “Alan Cumming’s Disneyland Paris Trip Report”

  1. Todd Barker March 29, 2007 at 2:00 pm #

    Hey Mr Cumming,
    Glad you enjoyed disney!A little Disney bird told me you liked Mr Peter Pan at Halloween, he says hello!

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