Dressing Up for Pirates Ultimate Fan Event? Send Me Your Picture!!

16 Mar

Me hearties, be ye settin’ sail fer the Pirates Ultimate Fan Event on Sunday? Will ye be puttin’ on yer finest garb?

Handsome PiratesSadly, it’s too late to enter the contest . . . but a number of us across the country are lucky enough to be attending Pirates Fan Events this coming Sunday, for a special preview of the trailer for POTC: At Worlds End, followed by a screening of POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl. And priority seating will be available for those dressed as pirates. Arrrrrrrr!

Good lord, has it come to this? I’m thrilled because I get to go see a trailer? I have truly been reduced to geekery. Man, I haven’t felt this pathetic since I paid $8.00 to see the Star Wars Phantom Menace trailer, and didn’t bother sticking around for whatever feature film was playing.

But it does sound like there’s more to it, and nothing’s ever gonna hurt quite like Phantom Menace did, now is it? The ad in the Boston Globe promised attendees would receive special merchandise. The invitations for the New York event speak of a “best dressed pirate” contest. And at the very least, we’ll get to watch Black Pearl on the big screen again, for free, with other devoted fans.

And I figure I can’t be the only one who’s just spent the evening pulling a pirate costume together. Nor can I be the only one who’ll be shopping for more booty and pirate garb tomorrow. I’m not gonna be winning any contests, but I’m gonna have a good time, and I hope you are too!

So . . . if you’re dressing up for the fan event, and willing to share your pictures, please drop me a note. You can’t take pictures at the event, but surely you can grab a snapshot of you and yours in costume before leaving the house? I’ll be blogging about the fan event for sure, and I’d love to include pictures of pirates from as many cities as possible. You can reach me by email, or just leave a comment here on this page.

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