Great WDW Podcast “Round-up” on Mouse Extra

23 Mar

MouseExtra today published a list of Disney podcasts the author listens to regularly. Seems like we’ve got very similar playlists! And now he’s reminded me I need to check out Lou Mongello’s new project, WDW Radio.

My personal favorite is MouseGuest, but I’m probably biased there . . . Dan and Eric have been great at engaging us listeners, and encouraging us to send content.

I’ll also add a plug here for Nathan Rose’s new project, Magical Definition Podcast.

And um, yeah, about WDW Today‘s strange, adult-oriented obsession with Narcoosee’s . . . I’m sure I don’t want to know whose keys ended up in the fishbowl.

One Response to “Great WDW Podcast “Round-up” on Mouse Extra”

  1. Eric March 23, 2007 at 3:24 pm #

    Aw, your making us plush over here at MG HQ. Listener interaction was high priority when Dan & I started MGW, and it seems to have really started to take off. We want to be a megaphone for fellow Disney fanatics to share their thoughts.
    Plus, it’s just less work for us. 😉

    And definitely check out the other shows mentioned above…all three are in my “must listen” rotation.

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