Free Dining Freakout Reaches Fever Pitch

6 Apr

Last night the Disney Travel web site started showing this image in one of their rotating ads:

Chef Goofy with free dining

. . . which of course prompted much enthusiastic freakage on some of my favorite message boards! Unfortunately, it clicked through to a blank page, but the blank page URL did include the words “Free Dining.” It was hard to resist staying up late, clicking clicking clicking, watching for details. We had already been freaking out about an earlier image posted to some message boards about a week previous:

Free dining text

The “free dining” promotions have usually been offered first to Disney Visa holders before opening to the general public, and it would appear that this will be the case again. According to a couple different reports online, some Disney Visa holders who have called the Disney Visa customer service line have been given a code to use for the free dining promotion, for bookings starting Monday, April 9; Disney Visa customer service agents have also been reported to say that Disney Visa holders will receive an email on Monday, presumably with this same code. The promotion is rumored to open to the general public Thursday, April 12. Disney Visa holders who want to get in early on the promotion will likely need to use their Disney Visa to pay the deposit on this vacation package (meaning that even if you get the code online somewhere, if you don’t have a Disney Visa you’ll have to wait until Thursday to book).

If the offer is the same as previous years, and if the various rumors are right, you will receive the Disney Dining Plan for free if you pay rack rate for your room, buy at least a one-day park ticket for each guest, and stay for a minimum of three nights.

I’ve gotta wonder how all this freakage looks to Disney staff monitoring the online fan community. Do they giggle while we click click click, hoping that this time the page won’t be blank, this most-beloved promotion will rise again, and we’ll be the first to book it? Do they cry out like Shatner on Saturday Night Live, imploring us all to “get a life?”

No matter . . . it’s great to be part of such an enthusiastic fan community. Especially if I get to eat at Le Cellier for the first time, for free! Come on free dining, Mama needs some cheddar cheese soup!

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