Disney Cast Members Have Dreams Too

11 Apr

When I think back on magical moments from my Disney trips, it’s clear that Cast Members had a lot to do with making my trips special. The monorail drivers who chatted amiably with us in the front car, and maybe even gave my dear son a trading card or two. The ride attendant who noticed we’d been riding Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters nonstop for two hours, and slipped us extra Fast Passes when the lines started to creep up. The pin trader who miraculously produced a Donald Duck pin when my son mentioned offhand that he collects ducks.

It’s only right that these Cast Members have affordable health care, living wages, and fair scheduling. WeAreDisney.info is a new web site launched Tuesday by five unions representing Walt Disney World workers in ongoing contract negotiations. From their front page:

We are the hard working men and women dedicated to creating the wonder of Walt Disney World. We are the “Cast Members” who make visiting Disney a magical experience. We are park attendants, costumed characters, food servers, bartenders, cooks, housekeepers, bell staff, merchandise workers, bus drivers, stage technicians, monorail and watercraft operators and many more.

We work hard so you and your family can enjoy a dream come true, but more and more we are finding our own families’ security eroding. Our wages are not keeping up and we’re being asked to shoulder more and more of our health care costs. Walt Disney World is turning good service jobs into dead-end jobs.

Join us in our fight and learn what you can do to improve the lives of thousands of Disney workers. Together, we can ensure that a promising future for working families is more than just a dream.

I encourage you to stop by their web site, read their stories, and consider signing their petition.

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