Not Ready for the New Millenium

16 Apr

This is off-topic, having nothing to do with Disney, but I just need to say it out loud . . . I am SO not ready for this new millenium! Or at the very least, I’m not dressed for it.

I just attended a real-life professional meeting in Second Life, and whaddya know, I was completely incapable of making my avatar presentable for mixed company. I sat there naked for the first 45 minutes.

Second Life

Yes, that’s me, the naked gray lady, apparently looking around for a decent boutique. I had chosen an outfit before connecting to the meeting, but for some reason I wasn’t wearing it. The meeting chair IMed me, letting me know I needed clothing, but she was too busy running the meeting to tell me how to find it.

I still don’t know why I showed up naked in the first place; everybody else (all first-time users like me) showed up dressed.  I eventually did find my outfit, thank goodness!

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