Re-Imagineering on Disney Studios Paris

16 Apr

The Re-Imagineering blog has an insightful and depressing piece on the failure of Disney Studios Paris.

Walt Disney Studios Paris is basically a collection of soundstages grouped together with asphalt paths and some landscaping, everything coated in lovely shades of pale tan. It’s billed as a full-day Disney theme park but it opened with only 10 attractions, 3 quick service restaurants and 5 shops. That’s a worthwhile way to spend a day out of your expensive European vacation, n’est pas?

Okay maybe not, but it sounds like Disney saved a lot of money on the project, so at least the shareholders should be happy.

But they’re not.

I must say, it is rather bizarre to walk across the plaza from Disneyland Paris to Disney Studios Paris. One minute you’re in the most beautiful Magic Kingdom of all, the next you’re surrounded by concrete, nothing to eat or drink, and virtually no theming. Disney Studios does in fact have a couple cool attractions . . . Animagique is a lot of fun (and exclusive to Disney Studios Paris), and Cyberspace Mountain is tucked away in a small corner of the park. Plus they have the original “Moteurs, Action” show (why don’t any of the Travel Channel shows mention this when they’re talking about the Walt Disney World version?). But if I ever get back to Disneyland Resort Paris, I can’t say I’ll go back to the Studios. Better to spend my time with the fantastic dragon in the dungeon below the Castle. Or grab another burger at Annette’s.

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