Booking Free Dining? The Interweb is Your Friend

23 Apr

Watching people respond to the Free Dining promotion (details here on MouseSavers) is a case study in why you should use the internet as a research tool in planning your trip. Here are a couple resources I’d recommend you check out if you’re considering using this promotion:

  • WDW Today Episode 244 (podcast link) features Sue Pisano talking about the Free Dining promotion. This is a great primer for those who haven’t been reading obsessively about the topic already.
  • The Codes and Rates Board on the DIS has been a flurry of Free Dining info since well before the promotion was launched. Think of it as a local coffee shop where you can hang out, read the notices, hear about what luck your neighbors had with finding their resort of choice, and share strategies if you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for.
  • has a great section about the Disney Dining Plan, including links to menus from participating restaurants. This would be especially useful if you’ve never used the Dining Plan before.

And a word to the wise . . . if you do book a vacation using the Free Dining promotion, you’ll want to make your Advanced Dining Reservations as soon as possible. The most popular table service restaurants fill up quickly under any conditions, and word on the street says this promotion fills those seats even faster.

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