New Gay Day Family Events

27 Apr

Just saw this on Mickey News: Disney Gay Day Family on the Way

For 17 years now, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has celebrated Gay Day, an annual gay event held at the theme park. Now, Walt Disney World is putting a special focus on family during the Gay Day event. This new series of events is called Gay Day Family, and will be occurring June 1-3rd. The event is being produced by Alison Burgos, Amy Alonso and Yesi Leon, who also produced the Girls in Wonderland parties at Gay Day. Many single mothers asked the producers if there would be day care at the Gay Day events, or if they would be allowed to bring a kid under 18. Instead of saying no, the producers decided they had to offer another choice to these parents, and that is how Gay Day Family was born.

Details at

One Response to “New Gay Day Family Events”

  1. orlando vacation homes January 1, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

    This event now attracts 130,000 people and generates $100,000,000 to Orlando.

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