Tortuga Restaurant at Walt Disney World?

2 May

MouseExtra points us to a Screamscape post about a possible Tortuga-themed restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. And I, for one, would be booking my ADRs ASAP.

If they do it right, it would be great. As MouseExtra suggests, this could be like Cinderella’s Royal Table, but for those of us who prefer swordplay and explosives to glass slippers. It wouldn’t be enough to go half-way. Think of the Blue Bayou at Disneyland (pictured at left), my absolute favorite Disney restaurant worldwide. Rough up the decor a bit around the edges. Maybe a few audio-animatronic pirates on the balconies? Borrow their menu, too — Disney’s corporate stragegy is all about leveraging synergies right? Re-purposing existing properties? Mmm, I’m hungry for that creme brulee already.

One Response to “Tortuga Restaurant at Walt Disney World?”

  1. Ben King August 28, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    Please do NOT borrow the menu. The chef’s idea of catering to allergies was to not put ANYTHING on the food. That’s right Gluten Free at this place means a dry piece of meat without any seasonings. This restaurant was such a waste of time compared to 75% of the ADR type restaurants at Florida Disney. This was one we got up and left we were that completely disappointed.

    We attempted to eat here during the high school music competition spring 2010. This restaurant is a big part of why we will not be going to CA Disney again. Its closest relative is at Epcot in the Mexico pavilion in FL where they do an excellent GF meal, a complete opposite of what I have come to expect for CA Disney.

    If a chef cannot handle allergies, what else are they screwing up on and how much can they really take a regular dish and make it fantastic? Not being able to handle allergies makes them merely a cook working for just a paycheck.

    Strange that the rule of thumb for FL is opposite for CA. FL Disney, try to always go to Disney owned and operated restaurants and ask around to find the GF snacks. CA Disney, stay away from disney owned and operated restaurants AND bring your own GF snacks.

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