Freeze Frame! Andy’s Bookshelf

4 Jun

2719 Hyperion has a great piece today breaking down the meaning of various titles on Andy’s bookshelf in Toy Story.

The Pixar folks are notorious for putting in-jokes and company references in their films. One of the earliest examples of this is a tribute mash of sorts in the original Toy Story, released in 1995. Near the beginning of the movie when Woody is speaking to all the toys, a close inspection of the bookcase behind him reveals books whose titles and authors pay homage to some of Pixar’s short films and also to some of the company’s staffers of that time period.

There’s a few titles on the shelf he’s asking for help on:

Feet First, Help the Planet and one whose title begins with Pale Cowboy. . .

I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you if you’ve got the scoop!

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