Star Tours 2 Rumors Flare Again

7 Jun

The interweb’s abuzz again with rumors of an update to the Star Tours attraction movie. Apparently Anthony Daniels may have made a comment at the Adventure Con comic book convention in Knoxville about having filmed his portion of the new movie.

Head to MouseExtra for the scoop, including a link to the original Screamscape article. There’s also some good discussion in the MouseExtra comments, so keep reading past the break. The Disney Blog has weighed in too. And take this rumor with a serious grain of salt because goodness knows we’ve heard it all before.

One Response to “Star Tours 2 Rumors Flare Again”

  1. darthstich February 21, 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    George Lucas has also confirmed it but that was well over a year ago. The story on why they haven’t done it yet has been that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner wouldn’t allow it for some reason. But now that there is a new CEO, Rumors Spread again that they are working on it. They have made considerable changes to both of the Jedi Training Academey shows in Disneyland and Disneyworld, so it could be any time now that we see a brand new Star Tours, or we might not… lol

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