STC Signs Contract with Disney, but Conflict Isn’t Over

7 Jun

The Disney Blog sums things up pretty well:

Members of the Service Trades Council approved essentially the same contract during the second vote last night. It lost by a 2% margin the first time around and won by a 6% margin this time. Translation: 47% of voters are still unhappy with the terms of the contract. That means there is likely some acrimony out there as a couple quotes in the Orlando Sentinel reveals.

The Orlando Sentinel has the details.

One Response to “STC Signs Contract with Disney, but Conflict Isn’t Over”

  1. John June 7, 2007 at 3:31 pm #

    Thanks for the links. We know that 47% of those who voted didn’t like the contract. That doesn’t tell us what the 70% or so who didn’t vote feel. Nor how many of the 21,000 union members will be around working for the mouse in 3 years.


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