Fast Pass is Changing, but How?

8 Jun

Something’s up with the FastPass system at Walt Disney World, but there isn’t any conclusive evidence right now about exactly what’s changing. MouseExtra has some details, and also some speculation:

. . . if the goal is to keep people off lines, and theoretically in shops and restaurants, it is possible that Disney has concluded the current system doesn’t go far enough to achieve that, and I would agree.  If you walk into Epcot at noon, and grab a FastPass for Soarin’, that pass may not be good until hours later, thus putting you in normal stand-by lines for everything else you may want to experience.  When this happens, the original intent is essentially lost, and most e-ticket rides during the busiest seasons have FastPass return times far enough out to make using it only truly an option on a few rides per day.

The longest standing rumor is that Disney will eventually either charge for FastPass, much like Universal already does, or they will offer it as an added perk for staying on property.  Charging seems unlikely at this point, but using it as a perk makes a lot of sense for the Mouse.  The goal has always been to keep people on property, and offering this as an incentive would be a nice selling feature.  At the same time, however, the off-site guest may not find it such a good idea.

Plenty of interesting discussion taking place on MouseExtra too.

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