As Disney Grows in India, What Will Become of MGM Dizzy World?

11 Jun

There’s been plenty in the media lately about Disney’s increasing presence in India, and the likelihood of a theme park there in the future. Just today, Yahoo! News reported that Disney’s getting ready to announce a joint venture with India’s Yash Raj Films.

All of which makes me wonder, what the heck’s gonna happen to MGM Dizzy World? Wikipedia explains MGM Dizzy World in an article on Chennai tourism:

Spread over 27 acres, this theme park offers joy rides, food stalls and other games. It features one of the first roller coaster rides of Chennai. On the softer side, you have the dashing car drives, and the swimming pool with its water slides.

Now, it’s close to impossible to find detailed information online about this park, let alone many visitor reviews. But to read the review of MGM Dizzy World by Deepa Ravi of, it doesn’t sound likely that MGM Dizzy World could possibly give The Mouse a run for the money. Still, given the name, there could be some interesting copyright and intellectual property issues as Disney continues to expand its presence. I for one will stay tuned.

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