Three Cheers for the Night Shift!

20 Jul

It’s easy for us Disney Guests to appreciate the Cast Members we see on our visits. As a whole, they’re the friendliest, most helpful customer service workers I’ve ever seen.

But it’s equally easy to forget about the people working deeper behind-the-scenes, who we don’t see but whose work has great impact on our experience as Guests. They make the “magic” just as surely as do the CMs who help us onto rides, provide our meals, or hand out Dream Fast Passes.

A Reuters article today on DIS News reminds me of these behind-the-scenes workers, more specifically the night shift:

In the dark, workers on the so-called Third Shift prettify flower beds, grass and topiaries at the 500-acre resort’s two parks and three hotels and entertainment district, planting more than 1 million flowers each year.

They collect more than 17.5 million pounds of trash a year and go through 3,000 mops, 1,000 brooms, 500 dust pans, and change at least 100,000 light bulbs.

Third Shifters don’t really want guests to see them because peeking beneath the Sorcerer’s robe would be “bad show.”

“Our job is to set the stage for the guests,” said one custodian, Lori Kimbrell.

I’ll surely never see these workers, so I won’t have the chance to thank them the way I might thank other CMs. So instead, let me take this moment here to say a special thanks to all who labor behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Three cheers for the unsung heroes!

One Response to “Three Cheers for the Night Shift!”

  1. biblioadonis aka George July 21, 2007 at 9:03 pm #

    I concur!

    Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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