Blue Sky Disney on Main St Electrical Parade

30 Sep

Honor Hunter has a great blog post comparing and contrasting the Electrical Parades at Disney’s California Adventure and Tokyo Disneyland:

Well, it’s called “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: Dream Lights” and it has the basic setup that ours has… only the rides are, uhem… here we go again. They’re more detailed. If you’ve ever got a chance to see EP’s floats in daylight you’d understand how ugly and plain they are. Yes, they have provided countless children, young and old much joy… but I’d like to see them update the floats. Maybe add a new one or two… like TDL. They’ve got several new floats they’ve added to the older, but extremely detailed other ones. The new floats are Pixar floats, mostly from Nemo and Monsters, but are beautiful to watch. Another thing that the parade at TDL has is the music is synced to the lights. So many floats have the lights flashing to the music… which can be quite striking. The Cinderella float is amazing as you watch her gown dance to the music and change colors right before your eyes. The technology shows what WDI can do if given the green-light and greenbacks to go with it. While our snail can barely move his head, the one in Tokyo can blink his eyes and have facial expressions that create quite a dramatic affect.

Check out the image and video links he provides . . . it’s all I can do to resist booking that airfare now.

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