Reno, Disney, and Stitch’s Tongue at 5:30AM PDT

10 Oct

I’m traveling on business today, this time to Reno. It’s a surreal thing to walk through a casino at 5:30am, see the early morning players at the tables and the slots, hearing strains of Johnny Cash from the coffee shop kitchen trying to break through the cheesy pop that saturates the place. My room here looks like an early 1980’s bordello, complete with black and grey furnishings and a mirrored wall behind the bed. Some of my colleagues’ rooms have wet bars, hot tubs, fax machines (fax machines?).

The casinos have a lot in common with Disney, really . . . they’re designed to let you forget about time, forget where else you need to be, disappear into an elaborately themed environment where you won’t think twice about dipping into your wallet just one more time. But while Disney makes me feel like a happy kid again, this morning the casinos make me want the next flight home.

So, what better balm for my homesick soul than an email from Mr Broke Hoedown, pointing me to a couple candy bloggers chiming in on the sweets available at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom? The best of the pages was from Candyblog, with reviews and tips about candy at Disneyland, but I was also entertained by Candy Addict’s comments on a few Disney World products, especially Stitch Xtreme Xperiments: Gummi Tangy Tongue:

Stitch’s “mouth” totally fooled me. I was expecting a totally different texture, based on appearance, than what it really was. It looked firm, but ended up being really soft with the outside being a tad chewy. Very odd! The flavor is gross and tastes like plastic. I didn’t finish it.

The gummi tongue looks really cool as it’s covered in granular sugar (I think for a realistic effect?). The gummi itself is light and fluffy and the sugar coating provides a great texture contrast. The flavor is… actually, I’m not sure. It’s fruity, sweet, sort of pineapple-y. Kinda like fruit punch but not quite, and has a cherry-like after taste.

Somehow this seems just right to me, just surreal enough to transition me from the coffee shop to my morning work.

One Response to “Reno, Disney, and Stitch’s Tongue at 5:30AM PDT”

  1. Daddy Dan October 11, 2007 at 3:13 pm #

    You’re right. We just got back from a trip to Disneyland. You always have to make a stop and stock up on their delicious candy!

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