Your Souvenir Guide on Disney’s California Adventure Redesign

18 Oct

Your Souvenir Guide has posted his list of five things at Disney’s California Adventure that he hopes will remain untouched in the upcoming major redesign. One of his favorites?

Ariel’s Grotto Bar. It has a great view of Paradise Pier — which actually looks pretty spectacular at dusk — and they serve a potent highball. My friends and I call it “Ariel’s Blotto.” Oh, to be part of that world right now.

Note: The downstairs restaurant serves a “character dinner,” populated by Disney’s tiara klatch, that will make you feel if you’re not three-to-nine-years old or in the immediate company of a three-to-nine-year old. By theby, since when is Mary Poppins a princess? Oh, P.L. Travers would have so called polite British bullshit on that.

I’ve only eaten once at Ariel’s, and at the time the resident characters were Ariel and some of the Fab Five. Sounds like they turned it into something more generically princess, which is too bad.

Your Souvenir Guide is one of the cattier Disney blogs out there, and I mean that in a very good way. It’s a relatively new blog, written by an “aging Disneyland hipster.” I hope we’ll be seeing more from the him in coming months, especially as the DCA redesign moves into full swing.

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