Cory Doctorow on Better Blogging

19 Oct

Many of you know Cory Doctorow from, but I’ll bet even more of you know is book, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. I caught this interview on the HASTAC blog, and it’s worth watching, especially if you’re a blogger and care about your readers.

One Response to “Cory Doctorow on Better Blogging”

  1. biblioadonis aka George December 20, 2007 at 1:24 pm #


    Great video with some really good tips. It reminded me of something we learned in Library School:

    Ranganathan’s 5 Laws of the Library:

    Books are for use.
    Every reader his or her book.
    Every book its reader.
    Save the time of the reader.
    The library is a growing organism.

    A more current version, by Alireza Noruzi for the web is:
    Web resources are for use.
    Every user his or her web resource.
    Every web resource its user.
    Save the time of the user.
    The Web is a growing organism.

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