Captain Eo Review from Your Souvenir Guide

19 Nov

I hate to admit that I never saw Captain Eo. I was at Disneyland only once during its run, and my then-significant-other and I just walked right by it without notice (I do have really funny pictures of myself with bad 1980s hair, hugging Tigger . . . but I’m keeping those to myself thank you very much).

So thank goodness for Your Souvenir Guide, because he seems to have captured the essence of Eo in a funny, appropriately irreverent review and plot summary. A little tidbit, from mid-Eo:

MINUTE 6. Jacko and his rag-tags are captured by dancers with metal shavings glued to their jumpsuits. They’re taken to Anjelica Huston, who is made up in H.R. Giger-like face paint and brandishes long metal claws. She’s suspended from the ceiling by hoses, and looks thoroughly badass — almost as frightening as she was in “The Grifters.”

Lord, please never put us through 1986 again. Ever.

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