HSM2: Battle of the Hats

24 Nov

At last, we have some resolution on a question that has troubled our nation’s youth for months: Who wears more hats in High School Musical 2, Kelsey or Ryan? But alas, the question was resolved incorrectly in the Disney Channel’s High School Musical 2 Pop-Up Edition, which Broke Hoedown Jr and I just finished watching on our DVR (it was broadcast last night).

For the record: The Pop-up edition says that it is a tie, but in fact this official count did not include Chad’s Wildcats baseball hat, which Ryan wears briefly after the “I Don’t Dance” number. The hat does not belong to him, but nonetheless he does wear it. Ahem. Ryan is in fact the undisputed HSM2 king of hats. (Broke Hoedown Jr reminds me that he, himself, is the real king of hats . . . he is rarely seen in public without one.)

2 Responses to “HSM2: Battle of the Hats”

  1. sambycat November 24, 2007 at 11:40 pm #

    hats are the new message T’s. (TM)

    you read it here first.

  2. vienna March 29, 2008 at 9:40 am #

    So, does anyone know where Kelsi’s green plaid hat was from… or Ryan’s blue stripped hat. They were both in HSM2 and in the scene in the restaurant. It’s killing me that I can’t find either.

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