Oswald’s Home, on DVD

12 Dec

From AWN Headline News (and previously mentioned on Blue Sky Disney):

THE ADVENTURES OF OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, who predates Mickey Mouse, has recently returned to the Disney fold and comes out of the vault for the first time ever on DVD. The silent shorts made from 1926 to 1928, with Walt’s personal touch, are revitalized with brand-new scores (by well-known silent film accompanist and composer Robert Israel) specifically made for WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE VII. Several of the shorts offer audio commentary from Leonard Maltin, Mark Kausler and Jerry Beck. Bonus materials include:

* THE HAND BEHIND THE MOUSE: Full-length doc about legendary cartoon director/animator, Ub Iwerks. He was Walt’s first employee, as well as Oswald and Mickey’s first animator, and subsequently became one of the unsung heroes of Disney animation. Narrated by Kelsey Grammer, this doc was made by Ub’s granddaughter, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks.

* “Oswald Comes Home”: Tells how Oswald came back to the Disney studios. Features new interviews with Bob Iger, Roy Disney and Diane Disney Miller.

* “The Work of Ub Iwerks”: Six examples of the unique creations of Iwerks, before and after Oswald, are featured (a newly restored STEAMBOAT WILLIE among them).

Why don’t I own this yet? I must remedy this situation ASAP.

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