Hong Kong Officials Talking Tough on Disneyland

25 Dec

From Forbes, earlier this week:

Legislators expressed frustration about Hong Kong Disneyland’s poor progress.

Opposition legislator Fred Li noted the Hong Kong government footed most of the park’s $3.5 billion construction cost and demanded Disney invest more in the project. The government owns 57 percent of Hong Kong Disneyland, with Disney owning the rest.

“In the future, you should pay for the lobster and we should only pay for the soup or the sauce,” Li told Hong Kong Disneyland Managing Director Bill Ernest, who attended Friday’s hearing.

Another opposition lawmaker, Mandy Tam (nyse: TAM news people ), asked if the government would consider pulling out of the project altogether.

“Under what circumstances will you decide to terminate your agreement with the company (Disney)?” she said.

I find this especially interesting in the light of revived rumors earlier this month about the possible Shanghai Disneyland, perhaps on the Yangtze River. Gotta wonder what kinds of interesting conversations are happening among Chinese and Hong Kong officials, eh?

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