Santa in Stormtrooper Custody?

25 Dec

From Gizmodo:

An Imperial Stormtrooper commando broke into Santa’s Factory on the North Pole yesterday evening, killing an undetermined number of elves, arresting the owner and confiscating his sled. Joe Kwazansky, local spokesman for the Evil Galactic Empire in Los Angeles, appeared in a press conference this morning confirming the rumors of an Imperial takeover of Christmas’ celebrations. “The Emperor wants to assure His subjects that Xmas will continue as planned. The pug-nosed fatso, however, will pay for his crimes,” Mr. Kwazansky said amid the palpable shock in the press corps. Apparently, the arrest has occurred in connection with earlier reports on the manufacturing and stealth placement of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Hat tip: Dark Roasted Blend.

One Response to “Santa in Stormtrooper Custody?”

  1. sambycat December 26, 2007 at 5:25 pm #

    i believe this to be a hoax as a) i got presents from santa yesterday and b) there is no KILLING of elves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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