DL Splash Mountain Front Seats 60″ Height Requirement?

18 Jan

ThemeParkInsider posted this last night, to explain a new height requirement for the front seats on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain:

Disneyland’s been having problems with Splash Mountain ever since it changed out the logs during a previous rehab. All other Splash Mountains have a two-by-two seating arrangement, with relatively low height requirements. Disneyland’s Splash Mountain, which was the original version of the ride, was built with a narrower flume and a traditional single-file log. That meant really lousy ride capacity (since you could get only half as many people in a typical ride unit, compared with the Orlando version).

Trouble is, you can’t just slap a wider log on to the ride without pretty much rebuilding the whole thing. So Disney tried a new seating arrangement, with two seats in the back row and individual seating wells for all other rows, as opposed to the benches it had before. But parents can control their kids easier when they are sitting between your legs on a log flume bench. It’s hard to have any control over them when they are in a separate seating well. That’s led to multiple guest complains and cast members having to deal with squirrelly kids sliding around in their seats.

There’s a lot of discussion and a bit more information in the comments on that page.

2 Responses to “DL Splash Mountain Front Seats 60″ Height Requirement?”

  1. biblioadonis aka George January 19, 2008 at 11:42 am #

    That is going to be interesting for cast members!

    And for some podcasters that we all know and love!


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