Some Details on Nintendo “Disney Magic Connection”

23 Jan

Nintendo World Report has some details of the Disney Magic Connection, which is reportedly being tested in Walt Disney World right now. From the article:

The foremost feature of Disney’s Magic Connection is a fully interactive park map. The system can tell precisely where you are in the park and offer routes to various attractions, restaurants, character greeting areas, and other facilities. The park is constantly communicating with the DS, and can relay attraction wait times to the DS. It can also alert guests when they are nearby attractions they have placed on their “wish list”. Selecting a specific attraction will bring up a short description of it, including height restrictions (if applicable), operating status, and the current Fast Pass distribution time (for rides using Disney’s Fast Pass system).

Additionally, Disney’s Magic Connection comes with a few interactive games to help pass the time while waiting in line. These games, which are connected to various attractions and areas of the park, are locked initially. Guests can unlock the games by visiting the specific attractions. When first setting the system up, the DS asks for the names and approximate ages of everybody in your party. This information is used to tailor the games to the specific person playing them, hopefully making sure they are easy enough for children and challenging enough for adults. Currently there are five games for Fantasyland, Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

I think Pal Mickey’s feeling a little, well, threatened. Some have implied that he should have had the same level of functionality that the DMC now promises. But it seems to me the user interface issues are hugely different between a Nintendo DS and a plushie toy, plus they each hit a slightly different niche. So, maybe I should make a little DS-carrying lumbar pack for my Pal?

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