Muppets on DisneyXD

6 Feb

I gotta admit, I haven’t spent much time on DisneyXD . . . but I think that’s about to change. is a new subsection of DisneyXD, as described on Muppet Newsflash:

The site, part of the Disney XD network, is full of great Muppet material and mayhem. There is already more than 15-minutes of brand-new video content, plus you can enjoy clips from the Muppet Show DVDs, the Muppets’ New Years party and even listen to clips from the recent Muppet albums. There are photos, polls, gags and even games. If you register and log-in with an XD account you can get even more connected with the site – creating your own playlists, storing things to your favorites, chatting with others, and even playing the multi-player Muppet games against other people.

I ❤ Topo Sticky!

One Response to “Muppets on DisneyXD”

  1. Steve February 13, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    How can ya not love Topo Sticky!?

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