Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Video

25 Feb

The HKDL Source recently provided a batch of Hong Kong Disneyland promotional videos on YouTube, including this clip featuring the resort hotels and a “Top Seven” roundup (with apologies to WDW’s Stacy!):

I’d love to run around in that hedge maze . . . reminds me of Alice’s Curious Labryinth at Disneyland Paris. Also, I have to wonder what occupancy rates are like at the resort hotels these days. HK Disneyland attendance has been on an upswing, but I don’t know how much of that is from tourists, and how much from those within a day trip. And if occupancy is low, might that mean lower prices? I suppose I could check online to see what they’re charging . . . but shouldn’t tempt myself!

It’s interesting how they use some faux-vintage video footage at the end, perhaps trying to borrow a little of Anaheim’s nostalgic feel for its newer cousin.

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