HSM Dinner Show at Defunct Dixie Stampede?

25 Feb

I’m way behind the news cycle, and I know it. But since I’m a High School Musical fan, and Mr Broke Hoedown’s quite fond of Dolly Parton, I can’t resist blogging about Jim Hill’s February 18 post, with the rumor that Disney’s considering putting a High School Musical dinner theater in the building formerly known as Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. He writes:

The way this story was told to me … WDW Entertainment allegedly toured the Dixie Stampede complex earlier this month because they’re toying with the idea of leasing this now-vacant facility for a few years and then turning it into a Disney’s “High School Musical” -themed dinner theatre experience.

Now I know that this may sound like a very bizarre idea. But please keep in mind that the Walt Disney Company is continuing to look for ways to cash in on this still-popular brand. And if offering WDW guests a chance to visit a faux version of East High, where they could then eat off of cafeteria trays while they watched performers recreate numbers from “High School Musical” & “High School Musical 2,” could be a new way to milk the HSM cash cow … Well, you can then understand why Mouse House management is reportedly at least giving this idea some semi-serious thought.

There’s a lot of reasons why this makes sense . . . and a whole lot more reasons why it probably won’t happen, as Hill details in his article.

It is entirely too embarrassing to admit that I’d probably enjoy an HSM dinner show. On the other hand, it would take some serious bribery to get Broke Hoedown Jr to accompany me, and he joins me for most of my trips to Walt Disney World. So if this rumor comes to pass (which I consider highly unlikely), I might just have to consider going during MouseFest, since he’ll be safely at home with his dad, unencumbered by fabulous Wildcats fans.

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