Invasion of Evil, Unauthorized Mickey Clones

25 Feb

From Pink Tentacle (via Cartoon Brew via Needcoffee):

Toy Box Series, Episode 3: Picture Book 1936” (Omocha-Bako Series, Dai-3-Wa: Ehon 1936) is a 1934 propaganda-ish film about a future (1936) conflict started by a swarm of evil, bat-riding Mickey Mouse clones that descend on a tiny island inhabited by peace-loving dolls and cats (including a Felix lookalike). Overwhelmed by the attack, the desperate island residents bang on the cover of a large picture book to enlist the help of Momotaro, Urashima Taro (the Japanese version of Rip Van Winkle), and other traditional fairy tale heroes and characters.

And hey, speaking of anime . . . this week on the MouseGuest Weekly podcast, Dan! put out a call for anybody interested in a MouseGuest mini-meet at Anime Boston next month, maybe noon Saturday at a nearby coffee shop (so those who aren’t registered for the anime con can still bask in the company of their fellow MouseGuest listeners, and maybe a Broke Hoedown reader or two). If you’re interested in getting together, drop a note or leave a comment here to let us know if that day/time works for you.

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