Ewok Village in Costa Rica . . . Who Knew?

2 Mar

I just love Dark Roasted Blend . . .without it, would I ever have heard about this real-life sustainable treehouse community in Costa Rica?

If you been dreaming of picking up roots, living on the edge, or literally going out on a limb in terms of eco-lifestyle possibilities, then Finca Bellavista: A Sustainable Rainforest Community might be just the thing for you. Located on the base of an almost 6,000 foot primary rainforest mountain on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica – not far from the Pan American Highway, Finca Bellavista was created with the sole purpose of preserving 300 acres of local rainforest by offering a unique opportunity for ecologically minded property owners to live sustainably in and steward a managed rainforest environment.

And speaking of Ewoks, the Dark Lord of the Sith has a great column this weekend about the Rebel Alliance folks you can usually meet at Star Wars Weekends. This paragraph in particular made me laugh out loud at the breakfast table:

Also wandering around you will occasionally find some JAWAS. Unfortunately they are harder to understand than the Ewoks and have the attention span of a two year old if you aren’t interested in buying Droids. We did manage an autograph from one last year and I’m not real clear if he understood what we wanted. It is simply signed JAWA. Still it is fun to get a shot of them when you can.

Hmm, harder to understand than Ewoks . . . now that’s an interesting thought.

Not that I’m looking forward to SWW or anything. (3 months 2 weeks 3 days . . .)

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