Hey Dan! Tron 3D Movie in 2011?

5 Mar

Found this rumor about a Tron 3D movie in 2011, in John Frost’s shared RSS items, from Film School Rejects by way of the TAG Blog:

… thanks to a spy over at AICN, it appears that we have a little more information as to when this TRON film will be hitting theaters. According to the report, not only is Disney looking at a 2011 release, but it is also looking to continue its foray into 3D with the title …

One Response to “Hey Dan! Tron 3D Movie in 2011?”

  1. Dan March 6, 2008 at 10:52 am #

    I heard, though there’s been talk of a Tron sequel for years now, since before the release of the game. I’m not putting much credence in that report, though, simply because it mentions a “Cars 2” and we all know how Pixar feels about sequels…

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