Shanghai Applies to Central Government for Disneyland

6 Mar

From ShanghaiList:

After the long-standing ding-donging of the Disneyland project, it has also been confirmed by the mayor that Shanghai has applied to the central government for such a park (although approval has not been given yet by the National Development and Reform Commission). Shanghai’s Disneyland would be 4.7 times the size of Hong Kong’s.

Reuters has the story too, and in fact ShanghaiList links to them above, but I liked the phrase “long-standing ding-donging,” so I just had to quote them.

The fact that they’ve applied, of course, does not necessarily mean that Disney’s in on the application. And even if they weren’t in some degree of talks with Disney (which they sure seem to be, but who knows?), the term “Disneyland” gets thrown around generically anyway, as anyone who subscribes to Google News Alerts surely knows.

4.7 times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland sure sounds big, even with HK Disneyland being on the small side. Are they comparing apples to oranges, comparing the size of the actual theme park with the size of the projected Shanghai resort area? Or do they really want a big honkin’ piece of land, more like Disneyland Paris?

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