Imaginerding Poll on Imagineers

7 Mar

Yes indeed, they are bringing nerdy back! And right now, they’ve got a poll on their home page, “Which early Disney Imagineer would you most like to spend the day with?”

My vote is for Ub Iwerks . . . and I see that he’s currently running at a dismal 11%, so now I feel the need to sing his praises. It’s not just about his role in the parks, it’s all that early animation stuff too. For cryin’ out loud, the man made a 3D camera in his garage with old car parts! (Details on that story are in The Hand Behind the Mouse, included on disc 2 of the excellent Oswald Disney Treasures DVD tin.)

But this is a topic on which reasonable people differ . . . I’ll be interested to see what the final vote tally is, a couple days from now when the poll is closed.

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