Magic Kingdom Timepieces

11 Mar

Foxxfur of Passport to Dreams Old and New has a fabulous piece this week on the use of timepieces in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. A brief snippet:

With all this artificial space leading away from us, all these planned ‘accidental’ details in every corner, all these old decaying buildings which are actually big modern warehouses, it’s pretty logical that Disney would seek to control even the perception of time itself. They do through the creation of the interior exterior, but unlike the modern casino – where the interior is a maze from which you intentionally cannot escape – Disney allows you to see clocks, timepieces, and other signifies of your fleeting time in their constructed reality. But rather than treating these timepieces as invasions of non-Disney space as a more controlling design team might think to, Disney places them as signifiers of culture.

I love the reference to modern casinos; I spent way too much time in them last November, and found them to be both quite similar to Disney (artificial, intentionally self-contained fantasy worlds) as well as diametrically opposed (for all the obvious reasons).

If Passport to Dreams Old and New isn’t already in your blogreader, I highly recommend it!

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