Smarter Travel: Tips for Budget WDW Vacations

20 Mar

The SmarterTravel Disney mail bag this week features various reader tips on visiting Walt Disney World on a tight budget. These tips aren’t for everyone of course . . . some of them are a bit draconian. But for some of us, these sorts of cost-saving measures can make the difference between a 3-day and 6-day trip, or maybe even make a trip possible. One example:

Sky Auction and Skybus Airlines are two great ways to save on your Disney trip. A few months back, Sky Auction was selling resort certificates for $199 plus a $15 fee. For this I was able to book a two-bedroom at Silver Lake Resort, which is less than five minutes from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I then lucked out and was able to purchase $20 round-trip tickets, plus taxes, [from] Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to St. Augustine, Florida, on Skybus. You have to be fast when their schedule opens, [because the] first 10 seats on each flight go for $10. Now, they do charge $10 to check bags, so our two bags will cost us another $40. [A] rental car in St. Augustine is higher than Orlando, [and] I’m paying $200. [The] trip is for three people, [and the] total cost of lodging, air, and car rental is $549, divided by three [to get] $183 per person. Add in the cost of a six-day Disney ticket, and we are well under $500 per person. Granted this is a rare exception, but my wife, daughter, and I are taking this trip in May.”

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