Air Dates for New Samantha Brown Disney Specials

24 Mar

Hey you Disney geeks! Yes you . . . the people who set your Tivos for every damn Disney special you can get your hands on. It has been a dry season for us lately, hasn’t it? We’ve had to either watch that same old “Undiscovered” special (did anybody really think SpectroMagic was a well-kept secret?), or scavenge for scraps of other people’s vacation videos on YouTube.

But Samantha Brown will bring us relief soon, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

Samantha Brown is going to give us “Season of Disney,” and it sounds like the folks at Walt Disney World should be overjoyed.

Travel Channel announced four programs in “Season of Disney,” which will air at 9 p.m. Fridays, starting April 11.

In all fairness, I do believe I heard about this first on Lou Mongello‘s WDW Radio Show . . . but I gotta give the hat tip to John Frost, because his RSS “shared items” tipped me off to the article linked above, with the specific titles and air dates/times. (Maybe Lou had them too, but I think I was listening in the car and couldn’t exactly take notes at the moment.)

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