Teachers Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Disneyland Trip

4 Apr

Just saw this story on NECN, on a class of special needs students whose Disneyland travel plans were almost foiled by the recent bankruptcy of Aloha Airlines:

Bankruptcy at Aloha Airlines means some special needs children in Reno, Nevada may not get their trip to Disneyland. It’s a trip 20 kids were counting on this year after nine months of fundraising. Now, the tickets are lost in bankruptcy court.

Ten years ago, Shanna Moller and her team teacher Joanna Trimble decided to start taking their special needs kids to Disneyland as a reward of course, but to also help them implement those skills of impulse control, appropriate behavior, and social skills. For nine months they raised money, they’d made hotel reservations, meal and ground travel arraignments and yes, they paid their airfare. This year as in the past the carrier was Aloha Airlines.

Undaunted, the two teachers, along with another special education teacher, put $7,000 on each of her credit cards to pay for airfare with another carrier. They’ve had to make some concessions as well as to what the kids will be doing down in Anaheim. Of course the kids know nothing about any of this.

The Mickey News has the story too . . . along with information on how to help.

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