Naked Senior Citizens Singing Verdi Opera in Mickey Mouse Masks

11 Apr

I really wanted to write a funny headline for this one . . . but the basic truth is so darn interesting, any attempt at witticism here would be gilding the lily, n’est-ce pas?

From Yahoo News:

The ruins of the World Trade Center and naked senior citizens wearing Mickey Mouse masks will share a stage Saturday, when a German theatre’s sell-out reinterpretation of a Verdi opera opens.

The Erfurt Theatre’s production of “A Masked Ball” will feature 35 naked seniors wearing masks of the Disney character throughout the performance.

“It’s a very beautiful, poetic scene,” Guy Montavon, the theatre’s general manager, told AFP. Sixty local senior citizens applied for one of the on-stage roles, Montavon said.

You simply must hop on over to Yahoo News to see the picture!

Hat tip: Collateral Damage, aka Mr Broke Hoedown. I simply cannot believe the man waited for me to read this in his blog, instead of grabbing me by the shoulders shouting about it. Oh, and while you’re over at his blog, check out his review of my favorite Japanese comic action punk band, Peelander-Z.

One Response to “Naked Senior Citizens Singing Verdi Opera in Mickey Mouse Masks”

  1. sambycat April 12, 2008 at 7:51 pm #

    that one dude has some serious troubles with his mask.

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