New Disneyland Indy Stunt Show Casting Call?

14 Apr

The LA Times reports that Disneyland is casting for a new Indiana Jones stunt show, timed of course to complement the upcoming Indy movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” The article reads, in part:

The Anaheim theme park is casting actors with combat experience for the Indy role, a duplicitous female archaeologist and a physically imposing bad guy for “The Summer of Hidden Mysteries,” a staged show to be performed on the balconies, rooftops and streets of Adventureland, according to the Disneyland auditions website. Park visitors would be enlisted to help solve mysteries and uncover ancient artifacts during the performance.

But here’s the odd thing:  the Times links to the Disneyland News Today site, which in turn links to the Disneyland Auditions site, which gives a 404 error for the specific page in question. A quick perusal of the Disneyland Auditions site didn’t find me the relevant information . . . so now I’ve gotta wonder.

One Response to “New Disneyland Indy Stunt Show Casting Call?”

  1. PMCarhart April 15, 2008 at 3:33 pm #

    Sounds like you’re on your own little arecheological hunt.

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