In Praise of the Afternoon Break

28 Apr

I’m feeling weary this Monday morning, so it feels quite apropos to take a moment to link to my Jentasmic! column from last week. In this column, I sing the praises of taking a break in the afternoon while visiting Disney Parks, even when circumstances make it difficult. Here’s a snippet:

At Disneyland Paris, for example: We were staying for just one night, so on our second day we didn’t have a place to crash before getting on the train that evening, heading back to the City of Light. It was rather convenient that Downtown Disney was just a few steps away from the parks; we had a nice quiet lunch in the air-conditioned Annette’s, the only table-service restaurant we indulged in during that trip. Given the exchange rates, I probably wouldn’t have spent any time at a sit-down meal at Disneyland Paris at all . . . but I’m glad our “afternoon break” philosophy forced my hand. After lunch, we had to pace ourselves carefully, having had only a brief break, and took in the shows at Walt Disney Studios before venturing back into the intensity of Disneyland Park.

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